2003 Gruber Cosmology Prize Citation

The Cosmology Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation is hereby proudly presented to Professor Rashid Sunyaev, director, Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Garching, Germany, for his pioneering studies on the nature of the cosmic microwave background and its interaction with intervening matter.

Hailing from the former Asian Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan, Sunyaev became one of the most important and prolific members of the Moscow group that pioneered Relativistic Astrophysics. Together with its illustrious leader Zeldovich, he studied the relic radiation from the Big Bang leading to early tests of cosmological models that are still valid and have provided impetus to one of the most active areas of observational cosmology.

Through continuing collaborations around the globe, Sunyaev remains among the most effective scientific bridges between East and West.