Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe

Starting with 13 member groups, the umbrella organization Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe ("For Women, All Together") was founded in 1992 as a response to the immediate crisis of ethnic violence in Rwanda, and has grown in numbers and scope over the past decade. Now nearly 40 women's organizations across Rwanda are joined together to focus on bringing peace and stability to their country and to eradicate all forms of discrimination against its women. Pro-Femmes serves as a model for the international community of the collective spirit of the women's movement. Current member organizations are:

AFCF: Rwandan Association of Women Heads of Families AFER: Rwandan Association of Women Entrepreneurs AGR: Association of Guides of Rwanda AMARIZA Theater Group AMIZERO AHO UMWAGA UTALI: Where There is Non Dissention ARBEF: Rwandan Association for Family Welfare ARDS ARFEM Rwandan Association of Women of Media ARTEC-F: Rwandan Association of Christian Workers Women Group ARTC RUHUKA ASOFERWA: Association of Rwandese Women Solidarity AVEGA-AGAHOZO: Association of Widows of Genocide BENIMPUHWE: With Generous Hearts BENISHYAKA CARITAS UMUHOZA: The Consoler CLUB MAMANS SPORTIVES: Mother's Sports Club CCOIB: Consultation Council of Supporting Organizations on Basic Initiatives COR-UNAM DUKANGUKE: Association of Economical Empowerment of a Woman DUTERIMBERE FAWE FOUNDATION TUMURERE: Decided to Educate a Child GIRANEZA: Promotion of the culture of helping others and solidarity GIRIBAMBE: May You Be Compassionate HAGURUKA: Association of Defense of a Woman and Child's Rights ICYUZUZO: Association for the Protection and Promotion of Widows and Orphans ISANGANO-OPEC JOCF: Christian Workers Youth-Women Section RWANDA WOMEN NETWORK RWANDA RWIZA R.W.H.O. RESEAUDES FEMMES OEUVRANT POUR LE DEVELOPMENT RURAL: Women's Network for Rural Development SERUKA: Association for the Promotion of Women Like Sunrise SOLIDAIRES BENURUGWIRO: Those who have Solidarity S.O.S. RAMIRA: Save Our Souls, Rescue the Valuable S.W.A.A. IHUMURE: Society of Women Against AIDS in Africa UMUSHUMBA MWIZA: The Good Shepherd URUMURI RW'URUKUNDO: Light of Love URUSARO