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The Gruber Foundation honors individuals in the fields of Cosmology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Justice, and Women's Rights, whose groundbreaking work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture.

2011 marked the final Justice and Women's Rights Prizes of The Gruber Foundation, which has moved to Yale University, where the mission of its two human rights prizes have merged and transitioned into the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights. Click here to read the official press release for more information.

2014 Genetics Prize Announced

Ambros, Baulcombe, and Ruvkun pioneered the study of small non-coding RNA’s, molecules that are recognized as playing a critical role in regulating gene expression.


Justice and Women's Rights

A Yale University Program, The Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women's Rights is administered by Yale Law School.

2014 Cosmology Prize Announced

Through work on the nearby universe Einasto,Freeman,Tully,and van den Bergh provided essential elements in the study of the behavior of the universe on the largest

Science Fellowship at Yale

Administered by the Graduate School,  the Gruber Science Fellowship is awarded to the most highly ranked applicants to Yale PhD programs in the life sciences, cosmology, and astrophysics.

2014 Neuroscience Prize Announced

Thomas Jessell's pioneering work on the differentiation of spinal cord neurons and their wiring into networks forged a direct causal link between gene, neuron, circuit and motor behavior.

Young Scientists Awards and Fellowships

The Gruber Foundation's Young Scientists Awards recognize the achievements of brilliant early-career scientists from around the world.

2014 Gruber Cosmology Prize & Conference

Details & Conference Registration

Join us at Yale on October 1 and 2 for the 2014 Gruber Cosmology Prize Ceremony & Lecture and for "Cosmology on Scales Small and Large,"a conference co-hosted with the Yale Departments of Astronomy and Physics

2014 Gruber Cosmology Prize Event Livestream

Cosmology Up Close

The 2014 Gruber Cosmology Prize Ceremony and Lecture "Cosmology Up Close" will be livestreamed on October 1 at 4:00pm EST