Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundation rewards excellence globally and encourages achievement on the highest levels in fields that contribute to the well being of our world in both science and human rights. The International Prize Program recognizes and rewards the best work being done anywhere in the fields of Cosmology, the study of the universe; Genetics; and Neuroscience. The Justice and Women’s Rights Prizes ended in 2011, and their missions have merged and become the basis of the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights, a Yale University program administered by Yale Law School

The Foundation was completely endowed by the Grubers, and is funded through Yale. It has received no outside funding. Peter Gruber’s long and successful career in the asset management business made The Gruber Foundation possible.

Award recipients are selected each year from nominations received from around the world. Each prize has a separate panel of experts who serve and then rotate off. The Selection Advisors meet and make a decision after discussion and deliberation. Selection Advisors for Cosmology are nominated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU); Genetics Selection Advisors are nominated by the Genetics Society of America (GSA); Neuroscience Selection Advisors are nominated by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN).

The Gruber Foundation is not a grant-making organization.

You cannot apply. You must be nominated, and to be nominated your work must be of international stature. Independent advisory boards comprised of experts in the various fields choose the International Prize Program recipients. Only officially nominated candidates are considered. No self-nominations are accepted.

Unless selected to receive the Prize, or voted off by the Advisory Board, nominations are kept on an active list for three years. After the third year of consideration, nominations must be resubmitted.

No. Staff members are present only to facilitate the meetings and to note the proceedings. The Selection Advisory Board selects recipients.

Certain components of this program are open to Yale students or faculty members from Yale or other universities. The program is administered by Yale Law School, and further information is available via:

The Gruber Foundation does not funds these awards, but they are administered by the affiliated science organizations. Please see the YSA page for further information.

The Gruber Science Fellowship is offered to promising Yale applicants upon admission to the University, there is no application process.

Yes. Patricia Gruber is a lifetime member of the Board of Directors of The Gruber Foundation along with Waring Partridge.


Yes, with a very reduced scope. For further information, see