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The Genetics Prize Nomination Criteria

Who may submit a nomination?

Nominations for the Genetics Prize are invited annually from the field of genetics. Nominations may be submitted by individuals that are active in or have an appreciation for contemporary genetic research or problems.

Who may be nominated?

Individuals who have made original discoveries in the fields of genetic function, regulation, transmission, or variation or in genomic organization.

What the nomination must include:

Please note that all nomination materials must be submitted in English

  • a completed nomination form

  • a current curriculum vitae WITHOUT a full list of publications

  • at least 2 letters of support from individuals outside of the nominee’s own institution or research group (these must be from someone other than the nominator)


The official nomination form should be filled out and submitted online, or e-mailed to

If necessary, the form may be printed and faxed or mailed, but electronic submissions are strongly preferred.


Nominations to the 2025 Genetics Prize close on December 15, 2024.

For instructions and to access the official nomination form, see How to Nominate.

For additional information contact

The Gruber Foundation

Phone: +1 203-432-6231