2006 Gruber Neuroscience Prize Citation

The 2006 Neuroscience Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation is hereby proudly presented to Masao Ito, RIKEN, and Roger Nicoll, University of California, San Francisco, whose studies provided the keys for our understanding of the molecular and cellular bases of learning and memory.

The Foundation recognizes the pioneering work of Ito concerning the role of the cerebellum in motor learning and the overall organization of neuronal circuitry involving network and cellular mechanisms for changing synaptic strength. And it also recognizes the outstanding contribution of Nicoll's work on the hippocampus as a cellular model for the formation of episodic memory and, in particular, the molecular and cell biological mechanisms underlying changes in synaptic efficacy.

In a global perspective, Ito and Nicoll have contributed over many decades, to furthering neuroscience at all levels, from molecular and cellular to the circuit level, as well as to the training of a new generation of outstanding neuroscientists.