2013 Gruber Neuroscience Prize Citation

The Gruber Foundation proudly presents the 2013 Neuroscience Prize to Eve Marder for her contributions to understanding how circuit dynamics and behavior arise from the properties of component neurons and their synaptic connections.

Eve Marder has used the stomatogastric ganglion in crustaceans to reveal principles general to all nervous systems, including the fundamental finding that circuits can be functionally reconfigured by neuromodulators, even if fixed morphologically.  With the insight that there are multiple plausible solutions for any given output, she developed circuit models and tools to explore their 'parameterscape', revealing the complexity of possible neural solutions.  The implications of her work reach across neuroscience, including homeostatic mechanisms of plasticity.

Through her creative pursuits, she has inspired and guided both her trainees and her colleagues to appreciate how diversity can be compatible with robust network function.