2018 Gruber Neuroscience Prize Citation

The Gruber Foundation proudly presents the 2018 Neuroscience Prize to Ann M. Graybiel, Okihide Hikosaka, and Wolfram Schultz for their pioneering discoveries on the organization and function of the basal ganglia.

Ann M. Graybiel discovered the striosome-matrix organization of the striatum and demonstrated that striosomes form key nodes in corticostriatal circuits affecting repetitive behaviors, cost-benefit evaluation and responses to stress.

Okihide Hikosaka elucidated the basal ganglia circuitry involved in saccadic eye movements, interactions between reward and punishment, and unique pathways involved in goal-directed actions and skilled responses.

Wolfram Schultz’ work revolutionized our conception of how reward information is processed by demonstrating that dopaminergic signaling is directly related to reward prediction error, critically underlying reward related learning.