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Millions to Be Awarded to Those Who Inspire Fundamental Shifts in Knowledge and Culture; Global Leaders Will Gather at Fall Award Symposia to Honor 2007 International Prize Recipients

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June 7, 2007, New York, New York – The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation announces today that nominations will now be accepted on behalf of individuals whose achievements in Cosmology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Justice, or Women’s Rights would make them suitable candidates for recognition through the Gruber Foundation International Prize Program.  Each category prize, which includes a $500,000 unrestricted monetary award and gold medal, is designed both to honor groundbreaking work in each field and to inspire additional exploration of those important issues by others in the same discipline.  Recipients are selected by a committee of distinguished experts in each field.  The nomination information is available at, and the deadline for all category nominations is December 31, 2007.

The Gruber International Prizes recognize contemporary individuals whose work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture.  The Selection Advisory Boards choose individuals whose contributions in their respective fields advance our knowledge, potentially have a profound impact on our lives, and, in the case of the Justice and Women’s Rights Prizes, demonstrate courage and commitment in the face of significant obstacles.

Recipients of the Gruber International Prizes are individuals whose work is likely to guide future research in each field and affect our quality of life and that of future generations. The recipient of the 2006 Gruber Cosmology Prize, NASA senior astrophysicist John Mather, was subsequently named co-recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.  Through their groundbreaking studies, Mather and the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) team (with whom Mather shared the award) were able to confirm that our universe was born in a hot Big Bang.  Additionally, the recipient of the 2002 Gruber Genetics Prize – neurobiologist, developmental biologist, and geneticist H. Robert Horvitz – was later named co-recipient of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for characterizing key genes controlling cell death, which is essential for embryonic development. Other Gruber Prize recipients have gone on to receive additional prestigious awards for their achievements.

The nomination form and additional information about nomination requirements and selection criteria may be found on the Foundation web site at


The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation today also announces the schedule for naming the 2007 prize recipients in each category.  Award recipients will be announced as follows:

June 13, 2007   Justice   Award Ceremony: October 10 – Washington, DC
June 20, 2007   Cosmology   Award Ceremony: September 7 – Cambridge, UK
June 27, 2007   Women’s Rights   Award Ceremony: Late September – New York, NY
June 28, 2007   Neuroscience   Award Ceremony: November 4 – San Diego, CA
July 9, 2007   Genetics   Award Ceremony: October 24 – San Diego, CA

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The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation honors and encourages educational excellence, social justice and scientific achievements that better the human condition.  For more information about Foundation guidelines and priorities, please visit

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