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Peter Gruber - In Memoriam

The Gruber Foundation is saddened to announce the death of Peter Gruber, its co-founder and chairman emeritus. Mr. Gruber died peacefully Saturday morning in New York after being ill for some time.  Aside from the personal loss of a very special friend to those who knew him well, we at The Gruber Foundation mourn the loss of a unique man whose spark ignited interest and excitement in a broad range of endeavors.

Mr. Gruber was an international businessman and philanthropist whose success came from his pioneering investments in emerging markets. He devoted significant energy to create, with his wife Patricia, an international program of giving that awards excellence in the sciences and in human rights, as well as supporting education and character development. Having read widely and deeply in subjects such as history, literature, religion, and politics, Peter Gruber was a modern Renaissance man – an inspiration to those who knew him – and also humble about his accomplishments. He was known to downplay his generosity with the saying “I throw my glass, that others might throw their jade.”  Peter’s philanthropic legacy is continued by The Gruber Foundation, with which Patricia Gruber remains involved.

Mr. Gruber is survived by his children Vicki Gruber Callahan and Ron Gruber, five grandchildren and a great grandson, as well as his wife, Patricia Murphy Gruber.

There will be public memorials at a future date, one in New York and the other in St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, their primary residence. Further details will be published when available.