2008 Gruber Justice Prize

Working within the international justice system, Judge Thomas Buergenthal and Jerome J. Shestack have dedicated their lives to upholding the rule of law and ending human rights abuses perpetrated by antidemocratic regimes on several continents.

A concentration camp survivor who served as judge and president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Judge Thomas Buergenthal helped put an end to the practice of disappearances in Honduras.

View the Thomas Buergenthal interview courtesy of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC: click here for interview

A former president of the American Bar Association, Jerome J. Shestack has successfully defended dissidents and been a leader in the struggle against race and gender discrimination in the U.S. and ethnic cleansing abroad.

Watch the documentary on Jerome Shestack: (Click here for video) TRT: 9:42 minutes