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The Women's League of Burma Group Shot of Staff

The Women's League of Burma

Founded in December 1999, the Women's League of Burma is an umbrella organization comprising 12 organizations representing various ethnic groups in Burma. Its mission is "to work for women's empowerment and advancement of the status of women, and to work for the increased participation of women in all spheres of society in the democracy movement, and in peace and national reconciliation processes through capacity building, advocacy, research and documentation."

Its member organizations are:
Burmese Women's Union
Kachin Women's Association-Thailand
Karen Women's Organization
Karenni National Women's Organization
Kuki Women's Human Rights Organization
Lahu Women's Organization
Palaung Women's Organization
Pa-O Women's Union
Rakhaing Women's Union
Shan Women's Action Network
Tavoy Women's Union
Women's Rights and Welfare Association of Burma

The WLB encourages cooperation among the different groups to build trust, solidarity and mutual understanding among the many nationalities of Burma and to present a united front in the effort to protect and empower women. It aids member groups with their relief work, research and education.

The League serves women within Burma as well as those who have fled to nearby countries. It acts as a conduit between grassroots organizations and the international community, especially through the United Nations.

The WLB and its members have published many reports, including Burma: The Current State of Women in Conflict Areas and Breaking the Silence. It also translated into Burmese the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 which, in part, "calls upon all parties to armed conflict to respect fully international law applicable to the rights and protection of women and girls as civilians" and encourages "an increase in the participation of women at decision-making levels in conflict resolution and peace processes."