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Official Gruber Neuroscience Prize Nomination

Click here to view and complete the Neuroscience Prize Nomination Form.


Please follow all instructions, otherwise the nomination will be deemed incomplete and invalid.

  • All materials must be submitted in English.
  • Please provide all information requested on the form.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH A FULL LIST OF PUBLICATIONS, as we request a list of up to twelve (12) key journal references that illustrate the nominee’s contributions to the field on the nomination form.
  • Nominations need not be on the actual nomination form, but must be presented precisely in the order and format as prescribed on the form and be accompanied by all supporting documents.
  • We prefer that all nominations are submitted electronically. In the event that this is impossible, please print and complete the Neuroscience Prize Nomination Form and fax or mail it to the address below. Viewing the form requires the free Adobe Reader - click for download page.
  • Up to two letters of support are welcome, but not required

Please address any nominations-related correspondence to:

The Gruber Foundation
Yale University, Office of International Affairs
P.O. Box 208320
New Haven, CT 06520 USA




to send by fax please call +1 203-432-6231 or email for instructions