Women’s Rights

“Our hope is to redress restrictive laws and customs that deprive women not only of their human rights, but also of their ability to enrich the human condition.”

Peter Gruber, Chairman Emeritus
The Gruber Foundation

The Women’s Rights Prize honors individuals who have made significant contributions to human rights that advance the rights of women and girls around the world.

To stifle even a single segment of a population is to shortchange the whole of humanity; to help liberate that segment is to contribute to universal human progress.

The Women’s Rights Prize, established in 2003 and awarded annually, is a gold medal and unrestricted cash award of $500,000 that honors courageous efforts to help achieve gender equality.

2011 marks the final Women’s Rights Prize of The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation, which prepares to move to Yale University, where the mission of its two human rights prizes will merge and transition in 2012 into the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights. For more information, see the official press release.

Founded by widows to address the many problems they faced following the 1994 Rwandan genocide, AVEGA Agahozo improves the quality of life of genocide survivors and their dependents by providing access to healthcare services, housing, education, job training, and legal advocacy.

Through litigation, law reform, and education, the Center for Reproductive Rights and CLADEM have significantly advanced the cause of women’s reproductive health and freedom in many countries in the face of embedded political, social, and cultural resistance to women’s reproductive rights.